What does a Wellthy Life look like for you? We asked Mary Beth Mannino a Certified Holistic Health Coach, to share with us how she creates a Wellthy Life. After much soul searching of her own, she set out to find the meaning of life for herself.

As a former PR and sales professional in corporate America, Mary Beth equated success and happiness in life with wealth or being rich, however, this path only led to depression, weight gain, and disappointment. As she began to reflect, she realized she was chasing the wrong kind of richness. Instead of wealthy, she wanted to be “Wellthy” or rich by living a life of her own design and authenticity. She discovered her richness was in experiencing each day as the best version of herself, through nurturing her body, mind and soul.

As a holistic health coach she uses her knowledge to help her clients understand what it means for them to be their own version of healthy and happy!

1. How Do You Get Your Creative Juices Flowing?

Get my creative juices flowing by being in nature or some sort of movement! I love starting my mornings by moving my body. Some days that might look like a HIIT or barre class. Others, a ride on our Peloton. And when the weather in Michigan is nice, a long walk along the water (water is my happy place) with my corgi and/or husband is my absolute favorite. Circulating energy with intentional and mindful movement are the times when I feel most alive and creative.

2. What Is The Most Challenging Health Issue You See Today In Your Practice.

People expecting things outside of them to “fix” or “heal” the physical or emotional issues going on inside of them. The human body is so intricately/perfectly designed that given the right conditions, it can almost always heal itself all by itself. But so many of us don’t give it the chance to. We live in culture where we don’t need to feel anymore because there’s a pill for just about everything. But it’s through our feelings and emotions that we are able to heal ourselves down to our core. In my practice, I help women turn inward to surface and tend to the root cause of the issues they desperately try to suppress with external sources. It’s through this inward work of reconnecting to themselves that allows them to better connect to their outside world.

3. What Is A Valuable Life Lesson You Want To Pass On To This Generation?

You are the ultimate expert of your health. Doctors, practitioners, healers, mentors and coaches all play their respective role in supporting you along your journey, but you know you best. I mean, think about it: you are with you 24/7, 365! Don’t be afraid to ask questions, get second/third/fourth opinions or speak up if something doesn’t seem right. Find empowerment in taking responsibility for yourself!

4. What Inspired You To Build Your Career In Nutrition?

I’ve heard a few times over now that your ideal client is a past version of yourself. Whenever I reflect on this, I always come back to the woman I was in my mid-20’s. After ending a long-term relationship, I decided, newly single, to make a fresh start and move to a brand new city. The week after my 25th birthday I did just that and landed my first corporate PR job in the process. I had so many changes happening at once that I experienced many parallels simultaneously: fiercely independent yet painfully lonely; eager to climb the corporate ladder yet knowing deep down it wasn’t for me; wanting to live a life that others me would be proud of me for yet I didn’t even know who I was. My soul kept tugging at me, trying to guide me and give me answers but fear gave my ego all of the power. That fear led me down a path of depression, an unhealthy relationship to food and zero connection to myself. But my soul was persistent. One morning, it spoke louder than ever before. No, it didn’t speak – it yelled. It shifted something inside of me so much that I knew the person I was was not the person I was meant to be. I made changes to my diet, my spiritual practice, my exercise routine…and they all centered around a connection to myself. My life’s purpose in this world is to help guide women through the ebbs and flows of their outside world, by coming back home to themselves and all that’s waiting for them when they just pause and listen.

5. Name The One Thing You Should Add To Your Diet?


6. Best Tip For A Healthy Gut

Listen to it! Our gut is probably the most underrated part of our body. There is SO much research coming out now not only about our guts being our “second brains” but the health of our gut impacts literally every part of our life from sleep to mood to skincare to our intuition.

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