We love talking to boss babes and this one is no exception. Marikh Mathias from The Bachelor is absolutely stunning and has developed such great wisdom from her experiences! We sat down with her to talk about her journey, her time on The Bachelor, her new clothing collection, and her advice for a healthy relationship.

1. What Advice Would You Give Your Early 20’s Self?

Find your tribe. This consists of people who are truly in your corner. Be discerning and highly selective of who you allow into your life, and really nurture the relationships that pass the test. Having people who love, support, and understand you is a fundamental part of creating the life you want. Take risks. If there’s something that you want to do, create, pursue, DO IT! That restless feeling you have is there for a reason, it’s there to nag you until you follow it. Trust me, it gets worse if you don’t, so just save yourself years and follow your heart now. Once you’re walking in your purpose everything else will fall into place. 

2. What Is One Thing Most People Don’t Know About You?

I’m really invested in spirituality and self growth. It’s a huge part of my life, and has been since I was 18. I’m always okay with skipping the small talk and getting deep! My hope is that if I’m open with people, it encourages them to feel safe enough to share too.

3. You Launched A Women’s Clothing Collection. What Is The Meaning Behind The Brand And How Do You See It Evolving?

The brand is called Maroo’s World, which is also my Instagram handle. Maroo is what my family calls me, and the brand is a look into how I view and navigate the world. The brand is meant to be something you can wear casually, but feels unique. I would love to get into a wider range of styles than just tees, but for now, I love creating pieces you can wear everyday and feel amazing in. 

4. Best Advice For A Healthy Relationship?

Communicate, communicate, communicate! When you aren’t talking to each other, you are making assumptions, and nothing good comes from assumptions. It’s so simple, but sometimes we forget to do it. Also, love your partner how they need to be loved.  If you, doing the dishes, means more to your partner than getting flowers, don’t get them flowers. 

5. The One Thing The Bachelor Gave You, You Never Thought It Would?

Great female friendships! I never thought I would get as close to some of the girls as I did. I’m so grateful to have a tribe of women I connect with, and I owe it to the show. It’s really such a unique and bonding experience.

6. Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?

I used to be such a planner, but now a days I like to go with the flow more. I do know that I want to continue to create ways to connect with people whether that be through my clothing line, my social media platform, or on a more-one on one- basis. As cliché as it sounds, in 5 years, I just want to be happy, creating something I can share with others in some capacity and be surrounded by the people I love. 

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