Reprinted from Ruffage by Abra Berens with permission by Chronicle Books, 2019

Add green beans to the list of things that can be chucked onto the grill throughout the summer. The goal is to char the green beans while keeping the structure of the beans intact. To keep the green beans from slipping annoyingly through the grates, place a roasting or cooking rack on the grill running perpendicular to the grill grates, forming a mesh fine enough to catch the beans. Dress the beans with as little oil as possible to keep the grill from flaming up and blackening the beans. You can always add more oil or dressing to the beans after they are cooked. In case of lack of grill or excess bad weather, remember that a broiler is effectively an upside-down grill and works well too.

Charred Green Beans with Crispy Chickpeas and Curry Yogurt

This dish defines contrast—smoky grilled green beans, cool yogurt, spicy curry, crunchy chickpeas. I love it so much. Long beans and round chickpeas can be a bit unruly; feel free to cut the beans into smaller pieces or slightly smash the chickpeas before crisping if you like. Similarly, depending on the type of yogurt you’re using, it might be thick or thin. If it is thin, drizzle; if thick, plop. If you are not a curry fan, I also like this recipe with paprika or cumin instead.

1 lb (455 g) green beans, roughly chopped

¼ cup (60 ml) neutral oil, plus more for cooking the beans


2 tsp (4 g) curry powder

¾ cup (180 g) yogurt

1 cup (120 g) crispy chickpeas (RECIPE FOLLOWS)

1 bunch cilantro (1 oz | ½ cup | 30 g), roughly chopped

Toss the green beans with a glug of neutral oil and a big pinch of salt and grill.

Heat the ¼ cup oil over high heat and when hot, add the curry powder and let bloom.

Stir the curry oil into the yogurt.

Transfer the beans from the grill to a serving platter and drizzle with curry yogurt. Scatter with the crispy chickpeas and cilantro and serve.

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