Bethany Holmes talks to us about how shifting priorities in life is key to a healthy lifestyle. After going through traumatic brain surgery, she knows first hand, what it takes to embark on a successful healing journey. She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and a Luxury and Wellness Travel Advisor who is passionate about helping her clients achieve their best health goals. Her philosophy is that no one diet works for everyone, so she helps her clients integrate mindful practices, intuitive eating habits and self-care practices into their lives. For more information about Bethany’s services visit her at http://thehealthyb.com/

1. As A Health Coach What Is The Biggest Challenge You See and Hear With Your Clients?

The largest complaint or challenge is that some will say they are too busy to commit to the work that needs to be done in order to grow and progress. But the thing is, they need to make adjustments, and make their health a priority. If my clients are not ready to shift their priorities, I suggest not working together. I have a 20-min intake call with all potential clients to explain to them the work that is involved. At the end of the call, I ask them if they are ready to make the investment and commitment for their life. The shift is in the small changes each day.

2. What Motivates You To Jump Start Your Day?

I love what I do and I am so grateful to wake up and do work that feeds my soul and has a positive impact on others! It keeps me going. I have a loving husband, the sweetest dog and amazing family and friends. I wake up every morning and remind myself of 3 things I am grateful for and take that energy into my day. I am very grateful for my health.

3. In Your Travels What Is The Place That You Have Found To Be The Most Inspiring?

I love Hawaii. Nothing compares to its beauty and energy. Kauai specifically is beyond gorgeous and I felt so at home and at peace while I was there. I cannot wait to go back!

4. Why Is Gut Health So Important?

Our gut is our immune system. We must have a healthy gut for everything else in our body to function properly. Making sure you are eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, as well as taking a good probiotic will help keep your gut strong to fight against disease and illness. Also, doing stress reducing practices like meditation daily lower your body’s inflammation.  

5. What Is Your Food Philosophy?

Eat what feels good for YOU. Block out the noise of what everyone else is doing and saying. Do not try to follow any strict diets. That can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food. Listen to what your body is craving and eat to feel good and let that guide you. I do not believe in diets or labels.

6. Name The One Thing You Can’t Live Without?

Probably my juicer? I wake up every morning, make a fresh juice, meditate and set my intentions for my day. But honestly, I have been working on being content with less and to make do with the natural things occurring around me.

7. If I Could Give One Piece Of Health Advise It Would Be.

If you do nothing else develop mindfulness practices to keep your stress levels down is so important. Stress is the cause of most diseases along with bad diet. It is really very simple, but as humans, we love to complicate it because so much “noise” or information is constantly being thrown in our faces. There is no “quick fix”. Eat a diet high in fruits, vegetables, focusing on eating REAL FOOD (nothing processed), meditate, drink water, play in nature, and walk. All very simple things that have a large positive impact on our health.

8. Current Reading List.

” Dr. Joe Dispenza – Becoming Supernatural and any and all of The Medical Medium’s books – I love them all!”

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