Teri Cochrane learned valuable life lessons and healthy lifestyle protocols from her children first and believes in the idea that “The student may one day become the teacher”. Teri has dedicated the last eighteen years of her life to seeking health solutions—first within her own family and later with clients in her private practice. As she researched, studied, and learned, she discovered that foods had a lot to do with the health of our bodies, with her son’s health profile shifting in a positive way.

Both of her children recovered from life-threatening illnesses when she found the root cause of their imbalances and changed the way they ate to support their unique genetic blueprint. As she began to apply this thinking and approach to each of her clients it became so effective that she has coined it the “The Cochrane Method” in honor of her children. Her latest book The Wildatarian Diet: Living as Nature Intended  is backed by pioneering research and explains that there is no one health food that works for everyone. Revealing how pathogens, stress, and our environment can influence our genes and therefore, our health, this guide is completely customized to your individual Wild Type.

1. What Is A Valuable Life Lesson You Would Like to Pass On To This Generation? 

HOPE AND ACTION. Hope provides the impetus to effect change, and the action is the vehicle.  Without hope we loose oxygen. Studies have shown that children without hope lose the will to survive and thrive. With hope and will a new and more vibrant being can result

2. What Foods Have You Found In Your Research Are the Biggest Offenders? 

Peanuts. They are cancer contributing and also fire starters for fungal and bacterial overpopulations in our bodies which can have deleterious effects on mental health, our gut, our immune system and our endocrine system.

3. You Mention in Your Story “The Student May One Day Become The Teacher” What Advise Or Tip Would You Give To A New Parent?

We have not been given a “How To” staying humble as your children grow and letting them know that you are also learning in the role of a parent gives them insight into your truth and vulnerability. I found this to be so valuable with my children. To have them know that I was making mistakes along the way and owning them and growing from them. This was I would say one of the biggest influencers in my relationship with my children. We continue to have an open, honest and safe space within ourselves which to interact and be with one another, It has been a huge blessing for me.

4. Your Best Health Tip For A Healthy Gut.

Do not stress. It opens the tight junctions, it acidifies the system and it lowers our immune system. It also feeds the pathogens we naturally live with and makes them bullies against us.

5. Name The One Area In The Body You Should Focus On To Obtain Your Best Health.

The mind. Our thoughts create our reality and it has a direct impact on our immune system. Change your thinking change your health profile.

6. What Is Your Best Healthy Food Option On The Go?

That’s a tough one, but I would have to say that my go to is some sort of seed or nut such as sunflower seeds, pecans or walnuts.

7. Current Mantra?

I am more than my circumstances and I live in a vibration of love.

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