Entrepreneurs and mother-daughter duo, Jennifer Murrant and Hannah Singleton took some time out of their busy day to share their healthy tips and tricks with us. They’ve built an incredible platform for their shared love and appreciation of health, food and travel. They have evolved in major ways since creating The Healthy Luxe, working with some of the leading brands in the health and wellness industry as well as fitness, lifestyle and travel. For more about them and their brand, check out their Instagram profile.

1. What Is The One Healthy Snack You Take With You On Every Trip?

Probably some mixed organic nuts.  They are nutrient dense, include protein, are easy to pack, satisfying and delicious, and require no refrigeration or preparation.

2. During Your Travels What’s Been The One Thing You’ve Noticed We All Have In Common?

We all want to connect, to feel useful, valued and loved.

3. Do You Create The Majority Of Recipes For Individuals Or Do You Partner With Chefs To Create Their Signature Recipes?

Our recipes have always had a health focus, that is using mostly fresh, whole ingredients, organic where possible and minimal, very little use of sugar/sweetener.  We also like to cater for different dietary requirements and preferences, so have developed a number of categories such as gluten free, dairy free, vegan and nut free. We try to create recipes for as many individuals as we can.  We would definitely be open to working with chefs, however we haven’t done this so far.

4. When Working With Clients On Health Issues What Is Their Chief Complaint?

This is so varied.  All systems impact each other, for example poor gut health may present not only with digestive symptoms but potentially immune dysfunction, poor skin, or mental health symptoms such as anxiety and depression. Equally, an unregulated nervous system may lead to excess cortisol release, hormonal imbalances or elevated heart rate.  So, whatever the issue, we need to look at the whole person.

5. Why Is Gut Health So Important When You Travel And Experience Different Kinds Of Foods?

Enjoying cuisines from other cultures is one of the great joys of travel, however, we need to be careful in some areas as we may not have the same resistance to certain bacteria as the locals may.  We also want our immunity to be robust when traveling and as our immune system is closely linked to our microbiome, we need to keep this system as healthy as possible.

6. What Are You The Most Grateful For?

Connection with others is paramount to our wellbeing and we both feel blessed and grateful for the people in our lives.

7. What Is Your Favorite Recipe For Detoxing The Body?

Our body is innately able to detoxify via a number of mechanisms.  Probably the best way we can facilitate this process is to stay hydrated, so plenty of filtered water!  We also tend to think of cold pressed vegetable juice recipes, particularly green juices, as these provide an abundance of nutrients that assist with detoxification processes. Minimizing toxic load, by choosing organic produce, no matter which recipe, is also very important.

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