Dr. Sara Chong took some time out of her busy schedule to give us a peek into what gets her up in the morning. She shares some of her pearls of wisdom with us as a Functional Medicine Doctor, Chiropractor, Nutrition and Exercise expert. Combining her knowledge of these disciplines, Sara has dedicated herself to developing an integrative approach that customizes protocols specifically for each individual. Being a valuable resource to your overall well-being, drives Dr. Sara’s passion to continue learning and expanding her knowledge with the latest research in health and wellness. For more insight into Dr. Sara’s practice you can find her here.

1. How Do You Get Your Creative Juices Flowing?

I get my creative juices flowing by journaling and goal setting! When I started doing this, it helped me manage my overthinking/overwhelming mind and I could actually get things done. I realized I was always overthinking everything and it literally paralyzed me from being creative. I didn’t have “time” for creativity because there were too many “practical” things I needed to get done.

2. What Is The Most Challenging Health Issue You See Today In Your Practice

Gut health! Well it’s a variety of symptoms that lead into gut disorders and imbalances.

3. What Is A Valuable Life Lesson You Want To Pass On To This Generation.

Love and accept yourself. This may seem cliche but it’s taken me YEARS to finally get that through my thick skull! Once we truly love and accept ourselves, everything else (especially our GOALS) become easier and more appealing to accomplish or chase after. We don’t have fear, judgement or rejection holding us back.

4. What Inspired You To Build Your Career In Nutrition And Functional Medicine?

Initially, my being 20 lbs overweight on a 5’2 frame got me to think “Hmmm, something has got to change.” I not only realized that being uncomfortable in my own skin was due to a physical aspect but also a mental and emotional component was a strong correlation. When I started my journey, I was lucky enough to have the right support/mentor around when I had my ah-ha moment to do something. I was working with a Functional Medicine/Chiropractor who changed my life because he helped me change my perspective on my life. I started learning what it meant to truly be healthy and not just treat signs and symptoms (back pain/neck pain). I learned how food was truly medicine and what we choose can either help or hinder our well-being. Simply choosing nourishing foods could actually nourish our mind, body and soul.

This opened up a whole new world for me! Finding the correlation between the gut and the rest of the body was a vital key point towards finding true healing. Once I started fixing my own “common” issues through changing my daily habits (eating, sleeping, pooping, talking, thinking, moving), did I start to realize how many symptoms I was suffering from! All of these were so common, that I didn’t even think twice about seeking help. I just figured everyone has them so that’s just life. Now knowing what I know and seeing these patterns in others has given me so much hope and determination to be able to share my knowledge to help them get healthy and live a fulfilling life.

5. Name The One Thing You Should Add To Your Diet.

Phytochemicals! Sorry I couldn’t choose one, so I chose a category. These amazing chemicals help support our microbiome and add vital nutrients that help fight inflammatory reactions, promote longevity and immune strengthening proponents, and improve detox pathways. Everyone can benefit from adding some form of phytochemicals into their daily life!

6. Best Tip For A Healthy Gut.

Feed your gut microbes well and they’ll keep you well.

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