Growing up with boundless energy and a strong immune system, Jennifer Robins never worried over the quality of her food, hours slept, or administration of self-care—all the vital components integral to good health. However, when a slow and steady downward decline into chronic illness began; resulting in panic attacks, autoimmune issues, a Lyme diagnosis, and finally an unrecoverable crash, it was at this time that Jennifer turned to whole foods as the answer. Her challenge led her to to find creative ways to combine real ingredients to taste like old favorites. Having learned from these challenges, Jennifer started Predominantly Paleo, a blog where she talks about all things regarding Paleo. With several books including “Down South Paleo Kitchen” and “Paleo Kids Cookbook”, she is an amazing advocate for the Paleo lifestyle.

1. How Do You Get Your Creative Juices Flowing?

I get my creative juices flowing by finding a quiet space, which really can be anywhere, and letting my mind wander. Sometimes this just means closing my eyes and daydreaming.

2. What Is The First Thing You do Each morning?

The first thing I do each morning when I start my day is to open my eyes and do a quick mental review of what lies ahead. I’ve been trying to incorporate gratitude exercises and meditation as well. I can easily get spun up and am really working on grounding. 

3. What Is A Valuable Life Lesson You Want To Pass On To This Generation?

I tell my kids that they can do anything in this world but with that comes blood, sweat, and tears. My husband and I tell them that any achievement we’ve had is not because of entitlement, but because we’ve set goals and refused to stop short of them.

4. Best Tip For A Healthy Gut

Oh man, I’d like to say a good diet, bone broth, and probiotics, but honestly, cutting out stress in this chaotic life we lead is probably, above all else, the hardest to do for most of us. 

5. Why Is The Paleo Diet So Important To You And What Benefits Have You Encountered?

I was diagnosed with over 20 ailments and took extensive medications for everything from Lyme Disease to Candida to Epstein Barr Virus and more. I am not opposed to prescription meds but changing my diet really helped reduce inflammation and help improve my overall quality of life and health. Throwing a pill at any health issue typically just masks or aids but does not solve it.

6. What Inspired You To Create The Legit Bread Company And What Make It Different From Other Options On The Market.

I developed Legit Sandwich Bread as a recipe for my readers first. When I realized that most grain free bread products on the market either had unsavory ingredients or were predominantly nut-based, I really wanted to create products that not only were paleo, but also sort of catered to my food allergy community members. Comfort foods like pancakes, bread, and bagels were off limits for so many of them (especially children). I am so happy to have created products that allow them to eat these foods again.

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