Holistic Health Coach Jaclyn Renee believes we’ve been on roller coaster diets long enough and it’s time to take our health back by making ourselves a priority. She works with her clients to incorporate baby steps and establish healthy relationships with food and the body.

1. What Is Your Daily Self Ritual?

Oh I have so many rituals so I try and rotate them based on how I feel throughout the day. I like to listen to my body and stay in tune with it and give it what it needs.  However, every morning, no matter what, I wake up and make some herbal tea or hot water with lemon and go outside with the dogs and get my feet in the grass. Grounding is incredible for reducing anxiety and depression. I also take in some deep breaths of fresh air. I like to do this before I look at my phone to get my day off on the right foot. From there, I’ll either foam roll if I’m sore, meditate and then gear up to walk the dogs for about 45 minutes. Some of my must-have daily rituals include:

  •  Drinking celery juice
  •  Eat 3 balanced healthy meals a day to keep my blood sugar levels stable and to keep my metabolism going.
  •  Weight train or yoga depending on the day.
  • My nightly rituals include journaling about the day and what I am grateful for, sometimes a hot bath with epsom salt, more foam rolling, reading and of course, cuddling with my dogs.

2. Why Do You Believe Inflammation Is The Root Cause Of All Disease?

All disease starts with inflammation. When something foreign enters the body like toxic food or stress, it’s the immune systems natural response to create inflammation. Inflammation is the body attempt at self protection to remove harmful; stimuli and begin the healing process. However, when we are exposed to chronic inflammation this can lead to bacteria which will eventually lead to autoimmune if not properly handled via healthy nutrition and lifestyle.

3. Name 3 Benefits We Can All Receive From A Digital Detox.

Phones and  computers put out a lot of Elecrto-magnetic fields and radiation. This is very damaging to our brains and hormone health. By reducing your exposure to electronics or obtaining from electronics for a period of time, you will allow your body some rest time to dispose of the toxins that accumulate from exposure. Some benefits from a digital detox will include: 

  • Better quality of sleep by not being exposed to blue light
  • Increased energy by not being constantly drained from EMF’s 
  • Less stress and anxiety from the constant need to respond and participate

4. What is The Major Chief Complaint Your Clients Bring To Your Practice?

Some form of digestive distress. Whether it be bloating, constipation, gas, or diarrhea, this is typically what I    talk about with my clients on a regular basis. I suffered for a long time with digestive issues and have holistically healed them using food and self-care as my medicine so assisting clients in this comes naturally. 

5. You Talk About The Brain-Gut Connection, Can You Summarize This Concept In Simple Terms That Someone Hearing It For The First Time Can Grasp?

Our brain and gut are directly connected through a nerve called the Vagas nerve. This runs from the brain behind both ears down the body and connects right to your connective tissue of your intestines. They send messages back and forth all day long regularly but when one is in turmoil (via stress, poor nutrition, lack of sleep, etc. ) this can set off a myriad of symptoms such as brain fog, anxiety, depression, and digestive issues. To truly heal your gut, you have to look at both aspects. Working on the gut with proper nutrition and also coping with stress with meditation and a much calmer more balanced lifestyle than the multi-tasking, high-speed life we’ve become accustomed to. 

6. What Are You The Most Grateful For?

This may sounds crazy, but I  am grateful for my past history with illness. Without it, I would’ve never stumbled into Holistic health and been able to turn my passion into my purpose here on earth. I am grateful that I wake up everyday healthy and excited to assist people on their healing journey. I’ve always loved helping people and watching them blossom into something they’ve always wanted to be. 

7. What Is Your Favorite Recipe For Gut Health?

My favorite recipe for gut health right now is gluten free called Kitchari It’s an ancient Indian recipe that helps to boost digestive fire or “Agni” and help cleanse your colon. It uses some specific spices that are also great for reducing inflammation and helps strip pesticides out of the system. 

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