Meet the Beautiful Lisa Hayim, founder of The Wellness Necessities Community (TWN). Her goal is to help bring joy and lightness into her client’s life with the necessary tools to help them with mindful eating habits and ultimately help them realize their self worth is not tied to body image and the foods they eat providing freedom and joy.

1. Tell Us About The Wellness Necessities. How Did You Get Started? Why Is Your Approach So Different Compared To Others?

TWN is a place people come to improve their relationship to food and learn the tools on how to listen to their body enabling them to live a more fuller life. My online fundamental course, dives deeper and gives a step by step approach for people who want to do the work. 
I provide readers and my students/clients with tangible tools. I share a lot of my own story to help people feel “normal” for the hard stuff they feel embarrassed to talk about in their own lives.

2.  What Are Two Key Things For A Healthy Diet That Many Overlook?

The basics- it’s not that complicated to eat real (food) and hydrate! The fact that stressing over food will override their weight loss goals, therefore, food rules are often times not even worth it! 

3. There Are So Many Diets Out There And Many Claim To Be The Best. What Advice Do You Give?

Listening to your body is the only sustainable solution. You go on diets only to fail and have to start over. They provide a false sense of hope. But once you learn to listen to your own body, you have the confidence to be the one who decides what to eat and how much.

4. What Are Your Top Superfoods?

Again, just the basics. I eat kale and papaya a lot these days simply because my body wants those foods.  Kale is a dark leafy green full of iron, vitamins and minerals, papaya naturally contains digestive enzymes and is hydrating! 

5. What Are 2 Healthy Tips You Can’t Live Without?

  1. I start my day with 16-20 oz of water.
  2. Having a bedtime routine and good bedtime hygiene is a game changer- that means no technology in bed, taking time to unwind, burn some palo Santo etc.

6.  What Are Some Of The Most Detrimental Effects You’ve Seen With Your Emotional Eating Clients?

They miss out on the lives they want to be having. Food can be lonely- especially when it becomes your vice. We start saying no to things we want to be saying yes to simply out of fear or shame.

7.  Must Have Munchies…

hmmm… I love fruit plus fresh veggies like tomatoes. If it comes from a bag I like chocolate covered quinoa from I heart Keenwah or popcorn.

8.  One Food That Is Always In My Fridge….


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