Fitness is about more than executing a perfect lunge, logging in an hour in the gym or getting that heart rate up to its max. A good workout leaves you feeling confident and ready to take on the world! And when entering an exercise class or training session, we know the instructor can definitely make or break your experience. We’ve scoured the scene for the most sought out fitness pros and found Allison Oswald, Founder of Plumb line Pilates, and asked her to fill us in on her secrets for sweat-proof success!

Plumb line was founded by Doctor of Physical Therapy, Board Certified Women’s Clinical Specialist and Certified Pilates Instructor Allison Oswald. She created this space to work with her clients, and to seamlessly progress them onto a Pilates program if appropriate. Allison uses Pilates-based exercises as part of her approach because she believes that Pilates is the ideal adjunct to a women’s best physical therapy, health, and wellness.

Allison, thank you for taking some time out of the studio to share your Pilates expertise with us. Tell us about Plumb line, how did you get started? What do you love about Pilates that other workouts don’t offer?

I opened Plumb Line 9 years ago with the intention to create a space where I could see clients for women’s health physical therapy and utilize the Pilates equipment as part of my treatment approach. My approach is the holistic and completely individualized method to meet the needs and goals of each client. This grew into having dedicated Pilates instructors that could take over my clients, as well as, new clients, who wanted to do Pilates for fitness, injury prevention, and wellness. 

Like you, I believe Pilates is amazing for overall strengthening and toning so it’s not surprising that Pilates can work well for injuries too! Why is this?

Pilates is a very focused movement practice that emphasizes alignment, breath, and control, therefore it is great for injuries and prevention. And because typically Pilates is one on one, clients get great support with physical adjustments and cues intended just for their bodies. Also, because it is such a thoughtful movement practice, the connection of the mind and body is critical, which is a huge part of healing from injury. 

Great! I think the one on one is the key, nothing like some professional support during a workout or therapy session. What are the different styles of Pilates?  What are the benefits of each style? 

I was classically trained, so I am most familiar with that, but I have evolved my teaching style to work with women across the lifespan, keeping in mind my training in movement science and pelvic health, so it’s a bit of a hybrid. The benefits are unique to each person’s goals, but the overarching benefits are strength, flexibility, coordination, control, connection, and body awareness to name a few. 

It’s great to know about the different styles and that they are not all the same but very unique. So what are 5 surprising health benefits of Pilates?

Improved breathing patterns, better posture, improved mind-body connection, improved balance, improved flexibility, and coordination.

Wow! All the good stuff! What are the benefits of doing Pilates while pregnant? 

During pregnancy, there are so many physical changes to alignment and posture.  Pilates allows you to connect with those changes and maintain strength and flexibility in this new and ever-changing body. A benefit I see in my clients is that the more they can stay connected with their body during this time, the easier transition they have postpartum. 

It sounds like such a health benefit for the pregnant woman. What about for women who travel, what 5 Pilates moves you can do anywhere?

Really you can do mat pilates anywhere, but a favorite of mine is the abdominal 5 series. 

I agree because all you need is a mat or towel and a flat floor! Okay, so what’s your favorite post-workout fuel? 

I love making a Fab Four Smoothie by Kelly LeVeque!

Yes, Kelly LeVeque has easy recipes for incorporating protein, fat, fiber & greens together for amazing health benefits! Finally, what is the best way to hydrate before and after class?

Always, Mountain Valley Water.

Allison, thank you so much for taking the time to share your amazing insights and expertise on pilates with us. For more information on Allison and Plumb line Studios follow her on Instagram or visit her website.

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