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Do you ever feel like you have a laundry list of health problems and just call it “part of life?” What if your skin problems were a result of a hormonal imbalance? We wanted to know how to decrease this laundry list and live a healthier life, so we checked in with Katie Stewart, a wellness coach, and skin expert.

Katie Stewart made the choice to leave a successful career in television, after 24 years, to become a positive influence in the nutrition field. She made this life-changing move, after having daily migraines, hormonal acne, stomachaches, and really bad PMS.

Thank you, Katie, for sharing your expertise with us. As a busy mom and wellness coach, what’s your secret to making every day your best day?

I like to wake up early to spend some me-time before my family gets up. It helps me feel more focused and not rushed in the morning. During this time, I always meditate and write down my list of gratitude in my journal. Doing this puts my mind in a positive and calm space. I have a non-caffeinated herbal tea and half a liter of water, as well. A well-hydrated body is able to stay energized and focused throughout the day.

Sounds amazing! Some time to yourself before all the craziness of the day starts! A gratitude journal is a great idea to keep one focused on the good and to help us remember the journey. Your dedication to women to help them get clear and glowing skin is so inspiring. What is your motivation for this?

When I stopped using the birth control pill, my once clear skin went crazy. I had horrible breakouts and cystic acne all over my face, chest, upper arms, and back. It really did a number on my self-esteem and I remember how awful it was looking in the mirror every day. So many women suffer from acne for years, because they don’t have the right tools and knowledge to get to the root of the issue. I want to help these women get the clear skin they pray for, so they can get their confidence back

I agree. Acne is a big deal and finding the root issues can be very challenging. In your experience with healing acne, how important is the gut to helping clear the skin? What is the connection between the skin and the gut?

The health of your gut has a massive influence on the health of your skin. If you want to heal your skin, you have to heal your gut. Researchers in the 1930’s first discovered a direct link between the health of your gut and skin a.k.a. the gut-skin axis.

A 2018 study found that altered gut microbiome is a common thread among acne sufferers. The microbiome in your digestive system is made of up trillions of microorganisms and their genetic material. They play a key role in many body functions including helping to digest food and absorb nutrients. An imbalance in your microbiome can contribute to intestinal permeability (leaky gut).

When leaky gut happens, both local and body-wide inflammation occurs. Inflammation impairs the protective function of the skin and reduces its integrity. Along with oxidative stress, inflammation is a big cause of acne.

Sounds like inflammation is a key player for having a healthy biome and clear skin. Speaking of a healthy biome, what are your top foods for amazing skin health?

Anti-oxidant rich foods are amazing for skin health. They help to fight free radicals in the body that lead to disease and aging. Wild blueberries and raw cacao are two of the best sources. You also want to have high-quality fats to help keep the skin nourished and hydrated – avocados and olive oil are great options.

Anti-oxidants and healthy fats are a great combo for the body and the skin. What about skin detox recipes, what’s your favorite recipe?

There are so many awesome recipes to choose from, but a super simple one is The Clear Skin Smoothie I have on my blog. It contains wild blueberries and avocado, plus pumpkin seeds that are high in the skin-healing mineral zinc.

Awesome! I’m going to give it a try! What about your favorite essential oils for great skin?

I love adding Frankincense and Yarrow Pom to my moisturizer, morning and night, to help promote a youthful glow. Lavender and Tea Tree are my favorites for helping reduce breakouts and redness. Lemon is my go-to for oily skin. Just keep in mind citrus oils are photosensitive and are best used in the evening.

Great! Essential oils are the best and so therapeutic too! Do you recommend dry brushing?

Absolutely! Dry brushing is great for sloughing off dead skin cells and exfoliating. My favorite reason for using it though is daily detoxification. The act of dry brushing the skin helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, which is part of our immune system. Fluid in the lymph helps collect and dispose of toxins and bacteria. Since the lymphatic system doesn’t have its own pump (like the circulatory system has the heart), it relies on muscle movement and manual stimulation.

Love it! What does your bedtime routine look like?

I recently shared my entire AM and PM beauty routine on my blog. I do it religiously every day. My current night regime is:

*Citrus oils are considered photosensitive. After the topical application of any citrus oils, avoid direct sun exposure for 12 hours.

**When applied neat (undiluted), I find it’s a bit too strong for my skin. Instead, I pour half the roller bottle into an empty roller and top each with fractionated coconut oil. That way I have two for the price of one that is diluted down and still works incredibly well.

Wow! This is such a great comprehensive routine! Thank you so much, Katie, for sneak peeks into your world and a more healthy life! For more on Katie Stewart visit her website, follow her on Instagram, or Utube.

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