Maybe you’ve heard the term “fatty liver or non-alcoholic fatty liver ” It’s a hot topic these days among all age groups and guess what? It does not apply only to alcoholics. According to the Mayo Clinic, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is very common around the world, especially in Western nations. Within the United States, it is being reported as the most common form of chronic liver disease, affecting about 25% of the population. Also, with obesity on the rise so is fatty liver disease. You might ask “what is fatty liver and why is it a problem?”

According to The American Liver Foundation, it’s normal to have some fat in your liver, however, the real problem comes when it’s too much fat.  A normal, healthy person may have anywhere from 5% to 10% fat in the mass of their liver.  Having more than this can become a problem with the potential to turn into a major health issue. There are 2 primary types of fatty liver disease: Alcoholic liver disease and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Some causes of fatty liver disease can be attributed to eating excess calories which can cause fat to build up in the liver. People tend to develop fatty liver if they have certain other conditions, such as obesity, diabetes or high triglycerides. Alcohol abuse, rapid weight loss, and malnutrition may also lead to a fatty liver diagnosis.

Some Causes Of Fatty Liver

Like with any disease or illness you want to look for the root cause, how did it start? Many diseases start in the mouth when we eat or drink. As we intake our food it travels into the intestine and then the liver. Although the liver is a very dense organ and in many cases can withstand a lot of abuse from the environment, air, food, and beverages, over time, it has its limits. When the toxic overload is too great then the liver says, enough! I cannot filter anymore.

Other signs or causes of a congested liver might be high cholesterol. The liver produces cholesterol which is vital for the body to help in the healing process, however, when produced in excess there can be a burden to the liver. Medications can also produce a toxic effect on the body because the liver has to work extra hard in metabolizing and filtering out the medications from our system. The cells of our bodies have a vibration unique to each one of us and so do medications. When we ingest medication or other chemical substances they too have their own vibrational energy which is contrary to the body’s vibration. This incompatible vibration can also have a negative impact and can cause stress on the body as a whole especially the liver.

Concerns With Fatty Liver

Why should we be concerned if we are given a diagnosis of fatty liver? According to Harvard Health Publishing, fatty liver can lead to a number of health problems if left unattended. Many conventional doctors will tell you that it cannot be reversed and there is nothing they can do to treat it because many times they are not trained to treat this condition. Fortunately, for some people, it can be reversed if addressed at an early stage if they are willing to make some lifestyle choices by following a healthy diet including fruits and vegetables, eating low inflammatory foods, and increasing physical activity.

Liver Support Using Essential Oils

If you suspect you have a liver problem check with your healthcare provider to confirm the diagnosis and give you a professional opinion for treatment. Even if you do not have a pressing liver issue it’s a good idea to detox your liver. There are many liver detox methods and supplements on the market so working with a knowledgeable practitioner who uses proper supplementation and essential oils can be a game-changer for people. You might also consider some helpful tips from Jordan Mitchell, Founder, Living Well with Less Toxins on the use of essential oils for healthy detox and liver health. The use of essential oils can provide many health benefits to help reduce the toxic load to the body and ultimately the liver.

Essential oils are powerful and safe when used properly. For example, it takes 35 pounds of Lavender flowers distilled to get 1 drop of lavender oil. This is how concentrated these oils can be so it’s a good idea to work with a trained practitioner when using them internally to detox the liver or other organs of the body.

What Can We Do To Support A Healthy Liver?

The body is amazing! When we make some changes like exercising, eating healthier, changing our personal care products to natural products, and drinking cleaner water we can help restore damage to the body. We can start to aid our body in the digestion process by practicing mindful eating and consciously chewing our food slowly, savoring every bite instead of rushed eating. When we do this we take a load off the digestive system. This is important because about 80-90% of our energy goes into digesting every time we eat. Also, mindful eating can be another valuable way to calm the body and support the liver. Lastly, we can work with a trained naturopathic doctor to provide great liver support with proper supplementation and essential oils to have a fabulous liver!

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