Detoxing can be overwhelming and may create some discomfort depending on the type of detox. On a daily basis, we’re ingesting toxins by eating, breathing and purposefully putting toxins on our skin and hair. In order to keep up with the toxic load daily detox makes sense. It’s almost like cleaning your house every day instead of waiting for once a year to do the one big cleaning much like a car wash. Daily detox can be so simple to incorporate if we know what to do. Dr. Mona Vand gives us some great tips on healthy detox that are fun and easy.

Fruits and vegetables

Food can be another challenge for detoxing if it’s not free of chemicals and looks fake or too good to be real. The truth be told, the dirtier it looks, most likely the cleaner it is and healthier it is. For example, if you see dirt on the potato it’s probably most likely to have fewer pesticides and be less tampered with especially if purchased through local farmers at a Farmer’s Market. If you do choose to buy from local farmers you can wash all of your fruits, vegetables, and meat once you get home, however, you know you have purchased food closer to its natural form. This at least gives you a head start with detoxing because healthy food closer to its natural state comes with its own different and unique benefits plus there are a variety of vegetables and fruits to experiment with. Vegetables are rich in phytochemicals (naturally occurring chemical properties) which can be very beneficial for the body.

Farmer’s markets a great place to look for healthy food!

Summertime is ideal for almost every kind of fruit and vegetable even if you do not have access to the local Farmer’s Market. If you are fortunate to live in California you can find many varieties of produce year-round. Fruits and vegetables for every season are a great way to rotate and try new varieties and it might surprise you to find your body is open to experimenting with them. Foods in season are going to be healthier due to the right climate and season. Finding local fruits and vegetables grown in their own soil requirements and climate considerations are the best.

Daily Detox Considerations

Other considerations for detoxing may include: Starting your mornings with a glass of room temperature water with half a lemon to get the body going. Sip homemade bone broth when hungry, skip anything to eat that comes in a bag or box, drinking lots of water, get moving with exercise to sweat toxins out, or consider doing a sauna. Detoxing can be a part of a healthier lifestyle if we find ways of incorporating these small things into our daily routine rather than waiting to do a detox once or twice a year.

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