Dana Kofsky is a bicoastal lifestyle, nutrition, and corporate wellness expert. She cultivates a rich and healthy lifestyle and works with others to help them do the same. Everything she does is customized just for you. Known as a Wellness Stylist, she understands one style doesn’t fit all and tailors her approach to every client who wants to attain a healthy living, eating, and travel lifestyle. Every one-on-one consultation is unique, because, after all, so are you! After getting certified in nutrition, she’s had the privilege of working with some great minds in the industry and this was a stepping stone to starting her own business. She loves to share her knowledge, teaching people how to listen to their bodies, eating to feel great, sleeping better, and living life, in a more positive way.

Thank you, Dana, for taking the time to share some of your wellness tips with us. Let’s dive right in, to find out about the benefits of investing in a Wellness Stylist. Many of us struggle with balancing all of the daily demands on our calendars. As a wellness stylist, what is the biggest challenge your clients struggle with? Why does your custom array of services create a healthy life balance?

For me, the biggest challenge that I see with my clients is the emotional attachment that people have with food. There’s a psychological component that goes along with food choices. In my experience, nothing sticks for the long term, unless we can break down why they choose foods that are out of alignment with their bodies. It’s all about creating new habits, as a team, that suits the lifestyle they want to create and still feel like they have the freedom to indulge, without overindulging. I look at the whole picture. Wellness is about how you choose to live your life. I offer different services for different clients because no two people are alike. If a client gets really good at creating healthy habits at home, then when they travel, it’s easier to take these habits with them. Because life is unpredictable, I want my clients to be ready and feel great for every situation.

I like the idea of creating healthy habits at home first. What is the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle for a client who travels and does not have access to home-cooked meals?

One way to do this is by being prepared. Whenever I travel, I always bring snack items with me in case I am in a jam and not able to find something that will satisfy me. Sometimes when traveling, we are not creating our own schedule, so to avoid the crash, I will have some items on hand. The second most important thing is having an open mind. It always amazes me when people say, I couldn’t find anything healthy to eat, so I just ate junk. 99% of the time, I am successful in finding the most optimal option, given my circumstance. If you are looking for healthy, it will appear. If you have your mindset to, well I am on vacation, or I won’t find anything healthy, then that is what you will find, nothing healthy!

This is really great practical advice. Being prepared before the hunger strikes is a good offense. What does your fitness routine look like when traveling?

Walking is at the top of my list. It’s very easy to do, without any added pressure or stress to find a gym and it requires zero equipment. 

Love it! No added pressure and convenient. What are the top superfoods you recommend for a busy mom?

Avocados, nuts, seeds, leafy greens, berries, eggs, and salmon.

So simple. Healthy greens and healthy fats. What are some of your favorite places to shop?

Shopbop, if you are looking for clothing. If you’re looking for food then, Erewhon Market.

Definitely going to try Shopbop! I’m already a fan of Erewhon. They’re really great for finding unique, healthy foods. When it comes to self-care, what does your routine look like on the go?

I like to keep it simple and not change it too much. So I start with Blue Mercury cleaning wipes to remove eye makeup and wipe the day away. Next, I wash with Live Botanical face wash. Finally, I use Nateur toner mixed with Le Prunier plum oil, to make sure I’m hydrated. If I require any added moisture, I will add a few more drops of the plum oil. If I am in a tropical location during the day, I like to use sunscreen. 

I agree plum oil is great to hydrate, especially when flying. Speaking of flying, what’s your best tip for jet lag?

Compression socks help a lot! The best way to acclimate to a time change is to get on the time zone. If you land in the morning, stay busy to avoid napping, and go to bed early, to get on the current time zone. 

I like the idea of acclimating to the time zone you’ll be landing in. Traveling can be exhausting and overwhelming if you’re not prepared. Give us some of your favorite travel hacks.

Pick a color scheme for your trip, so you can pack light and your outfits can intermix. If you’re traveling abroad, see what time you land and take off in the time zone you are traveling in, so you can know when you want to sleep on the flight to sync with the time zone. Always have a copy of your passport and license on your phone, in case something happens. I leave my passport in the safe, during the day, and bring copies with me, when I am out and about sightseeing. Download a great tv series or movies at home before you leave and make sure your iPad has a full charge. Bring snack items with you, in case airplane food isn’t what you want.

What great ideas. I especially like the color scheme approach! Thank you again, Dana, for sharing your customized wellness approach with us. For more about Dana and her services, please visit her website and Instagram profile.


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