Do you want to achieve optimal health? Is there more to being healthy that just nutrition? Do the mind, body, and spirit play a role in achieving optimal health? We wanted to know more about how this all works, so we asked the expert, Michelle Juda, founder of Rooted in Nutrition about her approach.

A big welcome to Michelle Juda, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and founder of Rooted in Nutrition, a nutritional consulting company. Her goal is for her clients to achieve optimal health with natural nutrition while engaging in a mind, body, and spirit approach to achieve their best health. Using the latest research, she offers individualized nutrition programs and ongoing coaching to help you be successful in obtaining optimal health and wellbeing. She works with client’s healthcare professionals, to ensure that all programs are safe, especially if they’re on any medications or they’re being treated for chronic health issues.

Michelle, we are honored to have you share some of your knowledge and expertise with us. Your passion to get to the root cause of chronic health conditions is so inspiring! What is the key to your success using a holistic approach to address health issues for your clients?

I use intuition because I like to delve deeper into someone’s symptoms. They are not just what is visible or what the client states. Sometimes the client isn’t aware of the deeper issues that are going on. Intuition allows me to use a wide range of holistic approaches to healing, along with therapeutic nutrition and nutraceuticals that are science-based.

You mention intuition. What about the mind-body connection? What part does the mind play when addressing a health concern?

The entire part of healing must come from within our own mind. It can be led and coaxed into a way of thinking by our own thoughts and thoughts of others. If we do not believe that the healing path we choose is working, it will not work. On the other hand, if we do believe that it is working, then this will help us heal everything.

The power of the mind is so important! What about the gut? There is so much research coming out connecting the gut to the mind and overall health. This can be so confusing. Can you share your knowledge on this? How vital is a healthy gut for overall health?

The gut is our first brain and a pivotal focal point in getting our body back to homeostasis. My healing plan always begins with the gut, because this will determine how fast we can heal since many times this is where the main source of inflammation resides in the body. Once we begin to heal the gut and allow the body to reduce inflammation, the next stages of healing are able to occur.

Got it! What is the best detox for teenage women?

The best detox for teenage women is to NOT go on birth control pills and to EAT more vegetables (especially cruciferous/brassica family) and lignans (flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, sunflower, sesame seeds) with good fats. The right fats, especially omega 3’s, will balance hormones, reduce inflammation, increase brain power (which is needed for all the learning that occurs during this period), and help with skin issues and energy. Cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, rapini, bok choy, kale, brussels sprouts, and radishes are liver loving foods and breast cancer preventatives.

With regards to alternative birth control methods, I cannot comment on their effectiveness, but if you do take them, make sure you take the right supplements to reduce nutrient deficiencies that may occur over time. Our bodies grow and develop until approximately our late 20’s. After this, we are maintaining and replenishing our nutrients. These precious years are very important for the building and storage of valuable nutrients.

Lots of great information here! In addition to hormonal health, healthy fats and vegetables, what are your best tips for using cleaning products? What are your favorite safe cleaning products?

The best cleaning products are not expensive and very easy to make. Vinegar, baking soda, essential oils, and castor oil soap, which is coconut-based.  If you need to use store-bought products, check out EWG to determine which brands are best and safe for you and the environment.

Wow, these are great options! Cleaning products that are not expensive and super easy to make and not only good for us but the environment too! Give us some suggestions for stress and how to unwind after a long day.

I recommend practicing gratefulness and appreciation for everything. Next, some deep breathing to relieve stress and clear the mind with the bonus of reducing fat. There’s always something we can be grateful for… even on the worst days! I like the Ho’oponopono Hawaiian Prayer, “I’m sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank you, I Love You”.

We can never go wrong with gratefulness and appreciation! For a mom with kids, what are your strategies to help moms introduce healthy foods to picky eaters?

This can be tricky based on the background of the child but the best way to introduce foods is to eat them yourself! Also, as a good rule of thumb, don’t have foods you don’t want your kids to eat in the house. My tricks would be dips and sauces to mask the taste of the important foods your child needs to eat to be healthy.

I love it! Basically, model the food you want them to eat and don’t buy the food you don’t want them to eat. What are the best places you shop for organic fruits and vegetables?

Globally this question may be different, but here in Canada, we always try to support our local farmers first and support our community. Try to get to know your farmers, if that option is available. Organic is always best and following the Dirty Dozen, Clean 15 Guide, can help with selections and possibly costs. I believe not all foods need to be organic and cleaning all your vegetables thoroughly is a must. Our environment is full of pollutants, organic or not.

Michelle, thank you again for sharing your valuable healthy insights with us. We look forward to what is next for Rooted in Nutrition. You can connect with Michelle on her website or on her Facebook page.

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