Meet Bridgit Danner, Licensed Acupuncturist, Certified Functional Diagnostic Practitioner and the expert Guru on personal detox. Bridgit has discovered the impact of environmental toxins on hormones and other health challenges not only with her health but with the health of her clients.

1. What Roadblocks Did You Run Into Getting Your Business Off The Ground?

It is difficult to build an online business from scratch. All the technology is new and you get very little response at first even though you are putting in a lot of time. You need to celebrate small wins and remember why you are doing it. You also should keep your day job for a while!

2. Where Do You Get Your Inspiration From For A New Business Venture?  

We get inspired to grow our community with valuable free content, and I come up with that as I learn new things. We also get inspired to create things based on what our community responds to. For example, this year we launched lab testing services because people get more excited about that than general coaching. We also focus a lot on gut supplements because people really want those, and we sell a lot fewer hormone supplements, even though we have a specialty in hormones.

3. What Are Three Things You Would Recommend For This Generation To Add To Their Daily Routine For Healthier Bodies?

Green juice, sauna, and dry brushing- all for detox but sauna also lowers stress and repairs cells.

4. Can You Share 3 Of Your Favorite DIY Ways To Make Your Home Less Toxic.  

  • Choose natural, fragrance-free cleaning products and natural chemical free beauty products.
  •  Avoid plastic throughout your kitchen.
  •  Invest in a good water filter.
  • Detox, Detox, Detox

5. There Is So Much Talk About A Healthy Gut Today, Why Do You Believe The Gut Is So Important To Overall Health? 

The gut is key to good health. It’s the site of nutrient absorption. It can also be the cause of a major health burden if it’s inflamed and leaky. This can lead to a burden on the detox organs, mood disorders, autoimmunity and symptoms of chronic inflammation like joint pain, skin issues and headaches.

6. Daily Mantra

Remember what’s most important in life. It’s probably not your to-do list or your career goals. It’s probably the people you love- treat them well. Take care of yourself and be present. Enjoy little moments of peace, laughter, and natural beauty. Write out your blessings and gratitudes.

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